Gray Matters

It’s been gloomy around here, folks. And quite frankly, so has my mood. Every time fall daylight savings  rolls around and I leave work at 5 pm as the night sky turns black, I start to get edgy. I would appreciate the ability to eat dinner and not feel as though the midnight hour is upon us… but hey, that’s just me.

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last two years, you are keenly aware that gray is now considered a neutral tone. And a much more updated one, compared to the dark tan and gold neutrals of the past decade. The good news is that gray doesn’t have to feel cold  (like my soul on Monday mornings). The weather outside might be getting cooler, but here are a few of my favorite designs from the past where many shades of gray have felt surprisingly warm, and I’ll show you how to pull it off in your own home too.

Tip 1: Layer the Grays

The key here is layering gray tones to achieve a richer depth. Gray walls (SW Passive, fyi) are a cool toned backdrop that acts as our neutral. Classic gray stained oak floors completely ground the room with a warm, earthy tone. Even the light fixture over the dining table is gray, but the deep ocean rust on its surface adds subtle warm tones, especially with dimmable warm light bulbs. Gray wood tones don’t have to match- both the table and the console are different.

Repeat mantra: Layer the grays and watch the space instantly feel warm.



Tip 2: Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never knew about gold lights. 

Okay, so that might not be true… BUT you can’t tell me that adding gold hardware and lighting to an all gray and white space doesn’t instantly add the wow factor. The wood-look tile also helps to add dimension to the space since it features both gray and brown tones.

Be bold with the gold! Be like Nike and Just Do It.




Tip 3: Add green

Everything feels warmer when you add plants. Unless you’re like me and can’t keep ’em alive. But there are other ways to go green, even if you’re not into the plastic kind. Botanical prints have always been some of my favorite go-tos when choosing art and accent pieces. If you can’t find room in your space to hang prints on the wall, try something simple. These watercolor botanical tea towels look GORG in any kitchen and add the earthy element and a splash of greenery to warm up your space instantly. (Bonus… Christmas gift for your mother in law, anyone?)





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