Interior Design is like Scallops.

I tried scallops last night for the first time in my life. It’s kinda late in the game, I know. I figured I better make my bucket list a little more attainable now that I’m in the #momzone. Fiji is kinda out… therefore, trying scallops. Dream big, right?

Anyway, just call me Rachael Ray. I lightly pan seared the scallops, crumbled fresh bacon on top and served on a bed of wilted baby spinach and cherry tomatoes tossed in garlic and balsamic. If this is starting to sound like a foodie blog, don’t get too hungry just yet.

Call me crazy (and you probably already have when you saw the title of this post) but it completely hit me that scallops are not just a seafood. They’re a shape, a motif, and part of architecture and design. I’m talking about scalloped shaped tile, scalloped edges on fabrics and mirrors, or maybe some subtle combination of all of them. It could be a circle, an arch, or some version of both. A motif can be a subtle detail that marries all the spaces in your home. Details that tie everything together and make it all flow from one room to the next.

What are some motifs that you have used in the design of your home?

Here are a few of my favorite ‘scallops’.

This Uttermost Dorgali Mirror is a favorite of mine. Used in a recent client’s powder bath, it looks like it was found at the bottom of the ocean.

A little blue, a little gold, a little silver. scallie

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I stumbled upon this GORG scalloped backsplash tile from House Beautiful.


This is a new inspiration pic for an upcoming job. Those brass lanterns too, hey!


I’m SO into the arches. This is a custom home by Chandelier Development and they can do no wrong if you ask me.


So, did I convince you yet? Comment below!

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