Oh, Shiplap!

It was one of those days. You know the one, fellow mommas. The night before, my six month old daughter chewed up a purple carrot flavored (read: BLUE colored) teething cracker and I discovered about three hours too late that a huge chunk had been stuck in my pony tail for my entire evening group workout class that had coincidentally been selected to be photographed for some new marketing- yay. This event was followed by the same said six month old who decided to throw a party in her crib from approximately midnight until 3am. Did I mention I work full time? If you’re not picturing me as a zombie with crooked eyeliner and a greasy sideways bun, then we aren’t on the same page here.




Anyway! Back to the topic at hand. Shiplap, in all its fame and TV glory, encompasses emotions and a lifestyle that people are drawn to. It’s having things that are new but also look worn, and loved and lived in. It’s a casualness that feels very approachable compared to the stuffy crystal chandeliers and dark leather seating pieces of past eras. I believe in that style! And we all know life doesn’t work like the Fixer Upper TV show (google what really happens behind the scenes!), but I’ll admit it’s pretty fun to watch anyway.



Want a medium sized orb light a-la-fixer upper? This one, pictured above from one of my past designs, is perfect for a bedroom or casual breakfast nook, even on lower ceilings. Click to follow link.

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