Say ‘shiplap’ one more time

It was one of those days. You know the one, fellow mommas. The night before, my six month old daughter chewed up a purple carrot flavored (read: BLUE colored) teething cracker and I discovered about three hours too late that a huge chunk had been stuck in my pony tail for my entire evening group workout class that had coincidentally been selected to be photographed for some new marketing- yay. This event was followed by the same said six month old who decided to throw a party in her crib from approximately midnight until 3am. Did I mention I work full time? If you’re not picturing me as a zombie with crooked eyeliner and a greasy sideways bun, then we aren’t on the same page here. Today, it was about 1pm and no amount of coffee could save me from the Titanic proportioned iceberg heading my way.


In came my new clients. I was looking forward to meeting this couple who I was prepped to select kitchen finishes for their remodel. She was dressed in her skinny jeans, neck scarf, coach flats and gold earrings to boot. I tried to smooth out my maternity jeans (that I’m still wearing 6 months post baby) but it didn’t keep me up to par with Hendersonville Barbie. Sigh… Maybe it was the fact that I was a Monday afternoon zombie-mom, but when I asked her what design style she was looking for, she said, “Have you heard of Fixer Upper?!” and suddenly I wanted to go Alien vs. Predator on somebody.
My eye twitched. I smiled, I think. I start to daydream about the clumsy, goofy-yet-lovable husband (who happens to be a great carpenter) that marries an adorable, level headed girl next door (who happens to have a flair for interior design) and they live happily ever after on their farm with their brood of Matilda-Jane wearing kiddos (who enjoy milking cows and baking cupcakes after school)…. Seriously, what’s not to like? But is that really why America fell in love with Fixer Upper? Part of me thinks it’s the dream people love. Having it all done perfectly in six weeks with a non-problematic low budget. Yet somehow these families get a perfectly adorable and decked-out crib, always with that  beloved S-H-I-P-L-A-P. It’s pretty predictable.

But I will admit, the Gaines’ have picked up on something. The “Fixer Upper Style” encompasses emotions and a lifestyle that people are drawn to. It’s having things that are new but also look worn, and loved and lived in. It’s a casualness that feels very approachable compared to the stuffy crystal chandeliers and dark leather seating pieces of past eras. I believe in that style, although it shouldn’t be limited to the show’s namesake or association with shiplap. I hope that my future clients take away pieces of inspiration that don’t limit their thinking to one particular style. And we all know life doesn’t work like a TV show, but I’ll admit it’s pretty fun to watch anyway.

And folks, when I finally snapped out of my daydream, we shared a mutual excitement about some slate blue beveled subway tile, crisp white shaker cabinets, and marble countertops. Jo-Jo ain’t the only one who can pull it off, y’all.


Want a medium sized orb light a-la-fixer upper? This one, pictured above from one of my past designs, is perfect for a bedroom or casual breakfast nook, even on lower ceilings. Click to follow link.

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